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Hoovervilles-A Downturn In American History

Hoovervilles and Violence

The Great Depression
The Dust Bowl
Hoovervilles and the Economy
Hoovervilles and Violence
Health Departments and Hoovervilles
Hoovervilles and American History
Abundance of Hoovervilles
Gas Prices during the Depression
Survivors of the Great Depression
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Hoovervilles and Violence

March on Bakersfield

On February 10, 1932, The Bakersfield Unemployed Workers Union of California organized a march on Bakersfield. The organization was known for its marches, and its ability to organize and instigate worker riots.

Health Departments and Hoovervilles

There were many conflicts with local Health departments and the nearby Hoovervilles. In addition to the escalating nativism, the health departments dubbed many Hoovervilles as dangerous to the public's health. With this, officers got the clearance they needed to rid their towns of these Hoovervilles. A common practice was to ignite the entire encampment. These Hoovervilles were one of the few places a migrant would be able to plan his or her future: but alas racism has no boundaries. See picture below: